Monday, October 5, 2009

My new Walther PPK

Picked up a Walther PPK (made by S&W) from a friend the other day...he'd bought it for his wife (it fit her hand quite well) but not his. The wife likes her new Sig Sauer 9mm better, so the Walther was for sale, freshly back from the Smith and Wesson repair shop to fix the hammer-block issue ( -- I'd have linked directly to S&W's site, but its wonked for me when I try to go to the URL for the recall.)

The PPK was on that list of "weapons I've always wanted" -- its the the frakin' James Bond pistol, fergoshsakes! But its also on the list of "calibers I've never been really fond of" so it was only because a friend was selling it that I really picked it up.

I'm simply not a big fan of the little .380 cartridge, and the Kel-Tec .380 I'd borrowed from a friend was hands-down the most painful gun I'd ever shot! My primary carry is a .40 S&W and while I have nothing against the venerable .45ACP, the kick has always bothered me enough to effect my shooting accuracy, and I've always thought the 9mm was a bit weak (but I'm beginning to change opinion here -- more on that in a later post). But the PPK is just a cute little gun, and as many friends have said in the past, guns are pretty much cash equivalents, so I didn't mind dropping some cash on it, especially to a friend.

I scrounged up some 380 ball ammo and headed to the range. At 7 yards, 6 rounds:

Thats one triple and one double. I was pretty darned impressed, but I have to say after 50 rounds my hand did hurt a bit. I'll probably swap the factory hard plastic grips for some nice hogue rubber ones.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the little Bond Gun!

-- Revolver 223

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