Monday, October 26, 2009

The AR15 and dust

So "everybody" knows that the AR15 has dust jamming problems, and the venerable AK is unstoppable.

These videos show that it isn't necessarily true:

To be honest, a lot of the perceived problems of the AR platform as Eugene Stoner were genuine issues in the original M-16 model. Things like the forward assist (which I personally used ONCE the very first time I shot an AR when I rode the charging handle home) have almost been engineered to extinction... Sun Devil and others make smooth-side upper receivers for a reason.

Is the AK a tougher platform? Certainly! Its built to very forgiving tolerances because it was built in very primitive factories by relatively unskilled labor.

Is the AK a better platform? That I can't answer, and I own both an AR (built from the stripped lower up, but a purchased complete upper).

But I have to say, the complete flexibility of the AR versus the AK is a huge bonus in my book.

(Originally seen at The Firearm Blog: AR-15 and AK-47 Dust Test)

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