Monday, October 12, 2009

Got a concealment holster for an Apache helicopter?

It really bothers me that we have to do this, to hide behind anonymity because our livelihoods, careers, or future prospects might be threatened by something as basic as our right to defend ourselves. There is a terrifying irony in that; and I don't like irony. I don't like contradictions, and the fact that I am expected to feel guilty for carrying the means to defend myself is one of the worst.

I believe that I have a moral obligation to defend what I love with whatever I can. There are those who believe that a beaten and raped woman left to bleed to death in an alley is somehow morally superior to that woman explaining to the police how that brutish thug got his brains blown all across the wall there. I am not one of those people.

It is the capacity for moral choice that separates us from other thinking animals. If someone chooses to break into my home and threaten the lives of my family, I will do whatever I can to end them: they made a clear moral choice that demands that response. I would expect that if I chose to walk into a bank and threaten a person's life in exchange for money, that my life would be likewise forfeit. That's what it means to be responsible for our actions.

When men first encountered the Dodo, a tame, sweet flightless bird with no natural predators and therefore no instinct to defend itself, they clubbed them to death, to extinction. They did this not for the meat, which they didn't like, or for the territory or because they were loud or obnoxious. No, they did it because it amused them. They thought it was fun to club these creatures to death. These sorts of people are still out there, and one day they may overrun my land, kill my family, torture my friends and burn to the ground everything I have worked for. They won't, however, do so unopposed.

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