Friday, December 11, 2009

Springfield comes out with a new XDM 9mm to tempt me...

As I've said before, I love my XDM 40S&W, but am considering switching to 9mm (if I can ever escape to the range and try it out!)

A couple of days ago, Springfield announced a 3.8" barrel version of the 9mm XDM:

(Image taken from Springfield's XDM site:

Its identical to the current 4.5" XDM except for a shorter barrel (so its more easily concealed) and a change of the grooves on the front of the barrel (presumably so its easily to grip the shorter slide). Same capacity (19+1) and it weights 4.5 ounces less (32oz vs 27.5oz).

Not that I complained about the size of the XDM (I'm a big guy and have big hands), but a compact version is pretty much the perfect darned gun.

I may end up just getting this either way, if they are actually available any time soon!

Found originally at: The Firearm Blog

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