Sunday, December 13, 2009

40 S&W vs 9mm: range report

So I finally got to the range to directly compare my XDM 40S&W to an XDM 9mm.

I shot at 10 yards, reacquiring the target each time in a timely manner (not doubletaping), for two magazines of 10 rounds from each gun.

Results were a bit surprising. I normally shoot a bit to the left, something I've been slowly correcting. This day I was quite good, I must say.

The XDM 40 is first, XDM 9mm second.

I'm really pleased with the 40 S&W group. The 9mm group is a bit tighter and has some nice overlapping rounds as well.

Concerning the two handguns, the 9mm XDM certainly feels lighter in the hand, but at this stage...I think I'll stick with 40.

I also brought out my old Taurus PT101 40S&W, as I was thinking of selling it if I moved to 9mm, and wanted to make sure it shot ok. I've owned this gun for a long time, and shot it a lot....and I'm better with the XDM!

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