Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hot damn, found some cheap 9mm ammo!

Like a lot of gun enthusiasts, I stop in at Walmart when I get a chance because they have pretty good prices on ammo when you can find it.

My local Walmart (located in a "less than savory" part of town) usually has 40 S&W Winchester White Box, but hardly ever any 9mm, it being more popular with the "yo, stick a cap in it" crowd. Yesterday I stopped in and it was typical: several boxes of 40 S&W and other calibers (38spl, lots of rifle calibers), but no 9mm on the shelves.

Then I noticed that tucked in back of the lowest shelf behind some shotgun shells were a couple of plain cardboard boxes (20 box cases) which I can see part the description: 9mm Federal.

Luckily there was a salesguy nearby, and I asked him for a price check. He said he was stunned to see 9mm in stock and didn't even know it was there himself. He gets 4-5 calls *each morning* asking whats in stock.

Then he checked the price, and it came up at $9.47 a box!

I grabbed the 6 he would sell me and asked about more: "6 boxes per day is the limit I can sell you."

I also noticed that he didn't put the remaining 14 boxes back in the display case, but took it in the back room when he'd rung me up. Uh huh. I guess he was buying it himself or selling to a friend.

I deposited the ammo in the car and went back inside, and the same guy was around. I hung out until he was busy and checked the display case -- sure enough, there was another case! Another salesguy happened to show up (I'm almost as stunned to find salespeople willing to help in Walmart as I was to find cheap ammo!) and I got him to sell me another 6 boxes.

This morning I stopped in and got another 6 boxes from the first guy, and he again took the partial case (only 8 boxes left in this one) in the back. He noticed my glance and said "Oh, I need to inventory it."

Uh huh.

So 900 rounds of good 9mm FMJ for $185 - not bad for having to brave Walmart. :)

I may have to leave early today from work!

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  1. That is a pretty cool sign and I think its funny. Thanks for the blog it was a good read. Im huge into shooting and I love being able to find some cheap ammo and go shoot targets with the buds all day.